Welcoming another full time member

After sharing his time between CSL Tokyo and CSL Kyoto for a while, our staff member Kashiwa moved to Kyoto full time. Time to celebrate 🎉

The lab now counts 3 researchers (of which 2 are between Tokyo and Kyoto), 2 staff members, and 2 student researchers. Except for the students, we all live at walking distance from the lab, a welcome respite from Tokyo’s crowded trains in these uncertain times. The coronavirus situation in Japan is stable, although not as good as in NZ or neighboring Asian countries; the numbers in Kyoto are around 10 positive cases/day.

To celebrate Kashiwa’s move, and avoid indoors restaurants, we had a small in-lab party where we finally got to put our new kitchen to the test.

Our boss, Pof. Rekimoto, made almost-sous-vide roast beef in the lab’s low temperature oven. I baked sourdough bread. And for the main dishes, we hired Yakko, a talented Kyoto-based caterer.

The menu reads: Pickled plum and cod roe potato salad with dried fish fry, pickled burdock, stir fried lotus root, purple cauliflower in peanut sauce, pumpkin with spiced tomatoes, boiled eggs with handmade spicy oil mayonaise, fresh atsuage with Kujo leek, roasted pepper and eggplant, stewed radish and pork belly, rice balls, mushroom miso soup, autumn fruits (apple and persimmon)

We haven’t found our food science researcher yet, but recently acquired this series of books, by the fantastic Nathan Myrvhold’s team. Hopefully we find an occasion to use them…

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